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status Gardener, Forager, Volunteer/Intern/Student
Name Trae
Exchanger code
Nation or Family Names: Alabama
Farm/Garden Name:
State AL
Locality Birmingham
Altitude in ft 700
Land Type River, Forest, Hill & Valley
Zone 8
Soil sand, clay, iron

[[bio::I grew up on an old forest homestead in Shelby County, Alabama, where I still live, and am now working to rejuvenate it as a farm. I value the traditional personal farming practices of the south and seek to lay roots that I can trust will dig deeper every year. To do this I am putting all my effort behind supporting a community for organic heirloom planting using the crops that were bred for this region over the course of a thousand years. I believe that everyone from Maryland to Oklahoma, and from Virginia to Florida and possibly far beyond has a vested interest in a thriving environmentally sustainable agriculture in our region. I am doing this out of inspiration by two women of the Sand Mountain Seed Bank, Dove Stackhouse and Charlotte Hagood who have been saving seeds and growing traditionally all their lives.]]


Woodland homestead, river access, mostly shaded

Growout log

 QtyUnitsSeed Bank
Grandmother Smith’s Hot Pepper 2014 Hagood/2016 Huntsville Seed Swap 125seeds}Sand Mountain Seed Bank

plant list

  • Stokesia laevis - stoke's aster
  • alabama ironweed
    • Vernonia ×dissimilis Gleason (pro sp.) [angustifolia × glauca
    • vernonia schreb
    • Vernonia ×illinoensis Gleason [gigantea × missurica
  • sumach
    • Rhus vernix (varnish sumach, poison sumach)
    • Rhus toxicodendron (poison oak) yellow milky juice turns dark as indeleible ink or japanese varnish
    • Rhus typhina - (northern) bark exudes resin
    • Rhus copallina -debate
  • Bald cypress
  • Tsuga caroliniana (carolina hemlock)
  • Pine'
    • scrub pine
    • Pinus veitchii - Roezl.
    • Pinus teocote
    • etc
  • sweet gum
  • Abies fraseri (southern balsam fir)
  • Silphium


  • popcorn tree
  • pecan
  • flax
  • hemp


  • Rhus glabra - (smooth sumach) - edible berries, black - milk, red - bark mordant)


  • slippery elm
  • sabal
  • yucca


  • persimmon

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SMSB Varieties

Indian Bean Corn]], Indian Bean Corn|Cherokee Trail of Tears, Maxima]], Maxima|"Kentucky" Quash, Pink Eye Pea]], Pink Eye Pea|Crimson Hull, [[:"Kentucky" Quash, 2-cropper, 4 o'clocks, 4-O'Clocks, 4-o'clocks, Absentee Shawnee Flint Corn, Agastache anisata, Alabama Black-Cherokee, Alabama Cherokee Trail o Tears Bean, Alabama Contender, Alabama Couschatta Flint-Dent Corn, Alabama Cutshort Polebean, Alabama Lady Bean, Alabama No. 1 Pole Bean, Alabama Provider, Alabama Red Collard, Alabama Red Okra, Alabama-Coschatta Flint and Dent Corn, Alabama-Coschatta Sweet Corn, American Basketflower, American Chestnut, Amish Cock Comb Amaranth, Amish Kruked Bean, Amish Paste Tomato, Anaheim Pepper, Anasazi Flour Corn, Andrew Rahart Tomato, Apache Red - Sorghum Corn, Apple Gourd, Arapaho White Corn, Arcadian Sunflower, Arrow Head and Winter Survivor Lettuce mix, Artichaut Artichoke, Arumugans Eggplant, Ashworth Sweet Corn, Asparagus Hyacinthbean, Attar Pea, Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry, Aunt Ruby's Green Tomato, Avery Island Tabasco Pepper, Aztec Dwarf Amaranth, B.J.s Yellow Straight Neck Squash, BN1033, Bacon Bean, Bannons Prolific Tomato, Basil No.1, Basket Gourd, Bastard Toad Flax, Benoist Okra, Bianca Avorio X Porto Spineless Cardoon, Bianco Riccia da Taglio, Big Apple Gourd, Big Boy Cowpea, Big Boy Field Pea, Big Mama Bean, Big Mama Pole Bean, Big Yellow Meated Watermelon, Bill Jump's Soup Pea, Billy Goat Pepper, Bird Pepper, Birdie Peppers Castor Bean, Bisilia Market Pea, Bitter Melon, Black Aztec Corn, Black Butterbean, Black Cowpea, Black Greasy Pole Bean, Black Half-Runner Mix, Black High Bush Blueberry, Black Medic, Black Peanut, Black Plum Tomato, Black Pole Bean, Black Pole-Bean, Black Prince Tomato, Black Rambler Cowpea, Black Running Butter bean, Black Russian Tomato, Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce, Black Spanish Round Radish, Black Sweet Corn, Black Tomato?, Black Tomato, Black Turtle Bean, Black Valentine Bean, Black Velvet or Vietnam Bean, Black peanut, Black, Bladder Campion, Blonde Okra, Blood Red Poppy, Blood Root, Bloody Butcher Corn, Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach, Blue Balloon Flower, Blue Bear Dance Corn, Blue Cast Large and Thin Pumpkin X, Blue Goose Cowpea, Blue Lake Bean, Blue Lake Snap Bean, Blue Speckled Pea, Bluee Specold Pea, Bolivian Aji Escabeche Pepper, Bolivian Aji Escabeche, Bolivian Aji Pepper, Boneset, Bonny Best Tomato, Boule d'Or Melon, Bradword Watermelon, Brandywine Tomato, Breadseed Annual Red Poppy, Breadseed Pink Poppy, Broccoli Raab, Broomcorn, Brown Bailey's Okra, Brown Cotton, Brown English Pea, Brown Leather Britches, Brunette Cosmodium, Bryd Mustard, Buchanan's Big Boy Cowpea, Buchanan's Big Boy, Buckwheat, Bulb Fennel, Bulbing Fennel, Bunch Bean Mix, Bunch Beans, Burgess Buttercup, Burgess Heirloom Leek, Burgess Leek, Butler Mix Hollyhock, Butter and Eggs Marigold, Butterbean mix, Buttercrunch Lettuce, CSA White Pole Butterpea, CVA Tomato, Cabbage-leaf Coneflower Daisy, Calabaza Sequalca Pumpkin, Calusa Indian Mound Pepper, Cambodian Chili Pepper, Campbells 48 Okra, Candlestick Millet, Candystick Squash, Carlos' Long Ribbed Pumpkin, Carol Chesko Tomato, Carolina Bell Pepper, Carolina Wonder Bell Pepper, Cascade Ruby-Gold Corn, Cashaw Squash, Castel Franco, Cates Cornbread or Washday Pea, Catnip, Cayote Tobacco, Cempoalxochitl Marigold, Charentais Melon, Charleston Bell Pepper, Charlie Chaplin Tomato, Cherokee Blue Eagle Corn, Cherokee Bush Bean, Cherokee Ceremonial Tobacco, Cherokee Cornfield Bean, Cherokee Cornfield bean - mixed, Cherokee Flour Corn, Cherokee Green Pumpkin, Cherokee Purple Tomato, Cherokee Resistant Bean, Cherokee Selu Corn, Cherokee Tobacco, Cherokee Trail o Tears Bean, [[:Cherokee Trail of Tears, Cherokee Trail of Tears Bean, Cherokee Trail of Tears Corn, Cherokee White Eagle Corn, Cherokee White Eagle Dent Corn, Cherokee Whtie Eagle Dent Corn, Cherry Red Radish, Chervena Chushka Pepper, Chicharo Criollo, Chickasaw Bean, Chickasaw Bogue Gourd, Chickasaw Hickory Cane Corn 260, Chickasaw Red Flour Pencil Cob, Chickasaw Yellow Dent Corn, Chicory mix, Chieftan Savoy Cabbage, Chile Guajillo pepper, Chili Ancho, Chiltepequin pepper, Chiltepin Pepper, China Red Poppy, Chinese Red Poppy, Chittepequin pepper, Choctaw Sweet Potato Squash, Choctawhatchee River Corn, Choi Sum, Christmas Lima Bean, Cilantro, Cinderella Pumpkin Squash, Cinnamon Basil, Cleavers or Goose Grass, Cockscomb Amaranth, Colored Butterbean, Colored butterbean, Colossus Cowpea, Common Sweet William, Contender Snap Pea, Coral bean, Corbins Petunia, Coriander Santo, Corn Cockle, Cornbread Pea, Cornfield Bean, Cornfield bean - mixed, Cornsalad Mache, Cosmos Picotee, Cosmos Psycho White, Cosmos Sensation, Costa Rican Pumpkin A, Costa Rican Pumpkin B, Costata Romanesco Squash, Costoluto Genoaese Tomato, Courge Longue de Nice, Covolo Brussels Sprouts, Cow Pumpkin, Cowhorn Okra, Cowpea, Crackerjack Mixed Marigold, Cranberry Bean, Creed Cherry Red Tomato, Creek Candy Roaster, Creek Pumpkin, Creek Tobacco, Creole Cherry Tomato, [[:Crimson Hull, Crowder Cowpea, Cucuzzi Gourd, Culinary Sage, Currant Tomato, Cutshort Pole Bean, Cvse Sakmorke, Cypress Vine, Cypriot Black Awned Wheat (Emmer), D'Etampes Mache - Cornsalad, Dad Speagle's Special Okra, Dad's Speegles, Datil Pepper, De Belleville French Sorrel, Decorative Indian Corn, Deer Tongue, Desert Sun Zinnia, Detroit Red Beet, Di Firenze Bulb Fennel, Dill, Disco Gold Marigold, Dixie Butterpea Lima Bean, Dixie Speckled Bush Lima, Dixie Speckled Butterpea, Dock, Donkey Ear Pepper, Double Feverfew, Double Purple Datura, Double Purple, Dove's Cornsalad, Dove's Dillweed, Downs Black Bean, Dr. Myche's Yellow Tomato, Dr. William Golden Dent Corn, Dr. Wyches Yellow Tomato 0000 GA-CA-C, Ducat Dill, Dutch White Half-Runner Bean, Dwarf Blue Corn, Dwarf French Marigold, Dwarf Gray Sugar Pea, Early Butternut Squash, Early Call Mix, Early Ruby Tomato, Elt Williamson Corn Bean, Endive mix, Enoy Soybean, Envy Soy Bean, Epazote (wormseed), Esculentum Eggplant, Esmerelda Buttercrunch, Essies Compost Cantelope, Ethel Owen Gourd, Evening Primrose, Evening Scented Tobacco, Evergreen Cowpea, Evergreen Tomato, Experimental Sweet Corn, Fall-Winter mix, False Indigo, Fancy Green Cucumber, Fat Man Bean, Fennel Mix, Fennel, Feral Fennel, Feral Mache, Feverfew, Final Cornsalad - Mache, Finocchio Romy fennel, Finocchio de Sicilia Bulbing Fennel, Fire Bird Radicchio, Fish Pepper, Flor de Mayo Bean, Flor del Rio Corn, Floriana Dent Corn, Florida Speckled Lima bean, Flowering Chives, Football Pumpkin, Ford Hook Giant Swiss Chard, Ford Hook Swiss Chard, Forellenschluss Romaine Lettuce, Forget-Me-Not, Freezonia Pea, French Bifast Radish, French Dwarf Marigold, French Escarole, French Filet Bean, French Marigold, French Pumpkin Mix, French Summertime Escarol, Frisee Chicory, Full Heart Chicory, Garcia Family Heirloom Hot Pepper, Garlic Chives, Gene Pool Mix Cardoon, Genoese Basil … further results, Jackson Wonder Lima Bean, Joseph's Wheat, Okra, Polecat/Hog's Brain, Purugham Eggplant, Red Tomato, Tokinashi Diakon Radish

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