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  • Q: What is a seed bank
  • Q: What is a seed library
  • Q: I'm a Librarian, do I really need to keep track of another inventory full of forms?
A: No. Seed librarians need only use this inventory to look for seeds that they want to request from a seed bank. The Seed Banks (exchangers) maintain the inventory. The growers that receive these seeds, have an option to document a growout using the information on the seed packet. The grower may then return seeds directly to the seed bank by mail. Librarians are in no way held responsible for returns or documentation
  • Q: I'm a Farmer / Gardener do I have to fill out a bunch of forms or send mail?
A: This website does not obligate you to document the growout of the seeds that you receive, nor to return seeds to the originating seed bank, but we advise you to check with the seed bank to learn their parameters for giving out seeds before requesting them. They may be more strict.
  • Q: I'm a pretty experienced gardener, why does the bank need to quarantine seeds that I return to them?
A: You can never be too careful. After a seed exchanger has verified your seeds over time they may award you as a Trusted Grower, and ask if you would be available to evaluate other people's growouts.
  • Q: I'm an exchanger operating a seed bank, Do I need to fill out all of the inventory form?
A: No. For inventory purposes, you need only record the Variety name, Seed Bank, Grower and Year of the growout. If you are creating seed packet labels, you may want to look at your state's seed laws to see if you need to add more information. If you want to send packets to growers, they may appreciate information like "traits selected". If you send it to an evaluator, they would likely appreciate any details about the plants characteristics.
  • Q: I want to Volunteer, where do I start?
A: Contact a seed bank and ask if they need help entering their inventory. If an organization has a heritage collection or a garden but no seed bank, you can help them start a seed bank.
A: This website is for documentation purposes. While we are trying to accommodate common labeling requirements, its up to individuals to research how to comply with your local laws. We cant account for all the various laws out there. So be prepared to add supplemental labels. If you have any suggestions on our standard labels feel free to contact us, or build your own label widget.
  • Q: What if I don't want to use this inventory site anymore or I want to save my inventory on a different system?
A: You can download your inventory at any time as a CSV from your Seed Bank page. CSVs are compatible with most spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel, Open Office Base, or Access.
  • Q: How do I contact the Web Admin with questions?
A: By email listed on their page or by leaving a message on their talk page.