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Dove Stackhouse
status Farmer, Gardener, Exchanger, Forager, Saver/Bank
Name Dove Stackhouse
Exchanger code
Nation or Family Names:
Farm/Garden Name: Whirlwind Farm
State AL
Locality Geraldine
Altitude in ft 1200
Land Type Mountains, Plateau
Zone 7b
Soil crossville sandy loam
Bank Category:Sand Mountain Seed Bank
Phone 256-486-4582

I will get back to you


We are a sustainable market farm growing vegetables, herbs and flowers using organic/biodynamic methods. We sell at farmers markets,on line,resturants. Seed Saving is part of the farm as we are one of the co-founders of Sand Mountain Seed Bank our gardens are layed out accordign to what needs to be grown out for seed crops every and the rest of our market garden is planned around that.

Growout log

 QtyUnitsSeed Bank
Cow Pumpkin 1998 Fort Payne AL/Requested 2017-03-30-15:501oz}
Seminole Acorn Squash 2012, 2013 Hodge/2016 Huntsville Seed Swap 125seeds}Sand Mountain Seed Bank
Test/2016 Test6cups}Colin's silo