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Moundville Archaeological Park's Seed Bank
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Please include any information you may have concerning the grow out of the seeds and their history. It maybe helpful to contact an exchanger directly. If returning seeds originating from this seed bank, use the form linked on that growout page.
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Moundville Archaeological Park's Three Sisters Garden is grown to demonstrate Mississippian Era food ways. Our plants are grown organically. Our seeds come from trusted suppliers who are also interested in preserving Native American culture through the plants the ancients cultivated to feed themselves, heal their ailments and make useful tools and dyes.
All we ask in return is for the grower to give back some of the seeds from the plants they grow.


If you would like to support the garden or this seed bank, please contact Kenric Minges.


  • Kenric Minges (Nov 2014-2017)
  • Previous Vistas
    • Chip Wente (2005-2008)
    • Tyler Fox (2008-2011)
    • Jordan Banister (2011-2014)

Accessible Inventory

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Available Seeds

Deer Tongue 2011 USDA1990MedicinalDichantheliumOriginal Source
Zapotec Ceremonial Tobacco 1997 SMSBMoundville Archaeological Park1997TobaccoNicotianaCharlotte Hagood5ozSMSB 130, Moundville Library
Zapotec Ceremonial Tobacco 1999 Hagood1999TobaccoNicotianaCharlotte Hagood1ozSMSB 130
Cherokee Selu Corn 2002 USDAMoundville Archaeological Park2002Flour cornZea16seeds
Mexican Amaranth mix 2002 HagoodMoundville Archaeological Park2002Amaranth (Amaranthus)AmaranthusCharlotte Hagood1.5oz128
Cherokee Cornfield Bean 2003 HagoodMoundville Archaeological Park20032013Common bean - pole - dryPhaseolusSSE
Charlotte Hagood66seedsTSSB: 66 Seeds, SMSB: 11oz
Teosinte 2007 Northern TepehuacanMoundville Archaeological Park20072010GrassZeaOrganic method
Yellow Root 2008 USDAMoundville Archaeological Park2008MedicinalXanthorhizaNature75seeds
Cherokee Ceremonial Tobacco 2009 Hagood2009TobaccoNicotianaCharlotte Hagood5ozSMSB 130
Cherokee Ceremonial Tobacco 2010 HagoodMoundville Archaeological Park2010TobaccoNicotianaCharlotte Hagood80seedsSMSB 130, Moundville Library
Cayote tobacco Three Sisters2010TobaccoNicotianaOriginal Source
Experimental Sweet Corn 2010 Three SistersMoundville Archaeological Park2010Sweet cornzeaHeirloom
Mexican Dwarf Amaranth 2010 Hagood2010Amaranth (Amaranthus)AmaranthusOriginal SourceCharlotte Hagood1oz128
Cherokee Flour Corn 2010 USDAMoundville Archaeological Park2010Flour cornZeaUSDA400seeds
Martin Gourd 2012 Sullins2012Bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria)LagenariaHeirloomRandy and Amy Sullins109
Red Mayo Amaranth 2012 HagoodMoundville Archaeological Park20122021Dye AmaranthAmaranthusCharlotte Hagood1oz
Zapotec Ceremonial Tobacco 2012 Hagood2012TobaccoNicotianaCharlotte Hagood75ozSMSB 130
Cherokee Ceremonial Tobacco 2012 Three Sisters GardenMoundville Archaeological Park2012TobaccoNicotianaThree Sisters Volunteers1oz
Jerusalem Artichoke 2012 HagoodMoundville Archaeological Park2012SunrootHelianthusCharlotte Hagood2oz
Seneca Sunflower 0000 VT-MI-A20122022SunflowerAsteraceaeOrganic method
Original Source
Boneset 2012 USDA2012MedicinalEupatoriumOriginal Source
Choctaw Sweet Potato Squash 2012 Three SistersMoundville Archaeological Park2012(Cucurbita moschata)CucurbitaJordan Banister6oz
Green Ash Tree 2012 USDAMoundville Archaeological Park2012TreeFraxinusNativeUSDA17seeds
Black High Bush Blueberry 2013 Banister2013BlueberryVacciniumJordan Banister
Boule D'Or Melon 2013 SSEMoundville Archaeological Park20132016MelonCucumisSSE20seeds
Joe Pye Weed 2015 USDA2013MedicinalEutrochiumOriginal SourceChicago Botanic Garden100seeds
Creek Tobacco 2013 RivesMoundville Archaeological Park2013TobaccoNicotianaLawrence Rives5ozMoundville Library, SMSB 130
Small Potato Gourd 2013 Skinner20132018VineLagenariaOrganic methodBill Skinner47seeds
Thick Bottle Gourd 2013 BanisterMoundville Archaeological Park2013Bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria)LagenariaHeirloomJordan Banister5oz
Pencil Cob Corn 2013Moundville Archaeological Park20132016CornZeaOrganic method2oz
Green Hard Shell Pumpkin 2013 MullicanMoundville Archaeological Park2013PumpkinCucurbitaOriginal SourceAnna Lynn Mullican145seeds
Unidentified Yellow Dent Corn 2013 Three SistersMoundville Archaeological Park20132016Dent cornZeaOrganic methodJordan Banister2oz
Small Bottle Gourd 2013 BanisterMoundville Archaeological Park2013Bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria)LagenariaHeirloomJordan Banister5oz
Seneca Flour Corn 2013 CobbMoundville Archaeological Park2013Flour cornZeaOriginal Source
Don Cobb2oz
Cherokee Green Pumpkin 2013 BigayMoundville Archaeological Park2013PumpkinCucurbitaOriginal SourceDaniel Bigay9seeds
Large Martin Birdhouse Gourd 2013 BanisterMoundville Archaeological Park2013Bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria)LagenariaHeirloomJordan Banister1oz
San Luis Corn 2010Moundville Archaeological Park20132016Dent cornZeaOrganic method4oz
Purple and White Corn 2013 HagoodMoundville Archaeological Park20132016Dent cornZeaOrganic method8.5oz
Thick walled Large Martin Gourd 2013 BanisterMoundville Archaeological Park2013Bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria)LagenariaHeirloomJordan Banister2.5oz
Basket Gourd 2013 BanisterMoundville Archaeological Park2013Bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria)LagenariaHeirloomJordan Banister5oz
White Yarrow 2013 Three SistersMoundville Archaeological Park2013MiscAchilleaNative2oz
Red Strawberry Popcorn 2014 MingesMoundville Archaeological Park2014PopcornzeaHeirloomKenric Minges175seeds
Green Pattypan Squash 2014 BanisterMoundville Archaeological Park2014Squash (Cucurbita)CucurbitaOriginal SourceJordan Banister175seeds
Yoeme Purple String Bean 2015Moundville Archaeological Park2014Common beanPhaseolusOriginal SourceNative Seed Search30seeds
Summer Crook Neck Squash 2014 Aberdeen MSMoundville Archaeological Park2014Summer squashCucurbitaCommercial5oz
Lemon Mint 2014 SSE2014HerbMonardaSSE
Cherokee White Eagle Corn 2014 DavisMoundville Archaeological Park20142015Dent cornZeaOrganic methodJonathon Davis33seeds
Cherokee Resistant Bean 2014 HagoodMoundville Archaeological Park2014Common beanPhaseolusCharlotte Hagood17seeds
Small Spinner Gourd 2014 IrwinMoundville Archaeological Park2014Bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria)LagenariaHeirloomBetsy Irwin20seeds
Quamash 2014 USDA2014RootCamassiaUSDA
Hopi Bue Corn 2010 Parsons2014Dent cornZeaOriginal Source
Morgan Parsons384seeds
Golden Amaranth 2015 MingesMoundville Archaeological Park2015Amaranth (Amaranthus)AmaranthusKenric Minges
Cherokee Corn Beads 2015 HallMoundville Archaeological Park2015Common beanCroixRosa Hall100seeds
Lamb's Quarters Goosefoot 2015 MingesMoundville Archaeological Park2015Food cropChenopodiumOriginal Source
Kenric Minges3.5oz
Rivercane 2016 Gwin2015CanearundinariaNaturalizedGwin50
Alabama Cutshort Polebean Mix 2015 HagoodMoundville Archaeological Park2015Common bean - pole beanPhaseolusHeirloomCharlotte Hagood1oz
Rabbit Tobacco 2015 MingesMoundville Archaeological Park2015MedicinalPseudodognaphaliumOrganic method
Original Source
Kenric Minges5oz
Coral-Bean 2015 HallMoundville Archaeological Park2015ErythrinaOriginal Source
American Chestnut 2015 MozayenMoundville Archaeological Park2015NutCastaneaNativeBoyran Mozayen6seeds
Flor del Rio Corn 2015 Native SeedsMoundville Archaeological Park20152017PopcornZeaNative Seeds100seeds
Cherokee Blue Eagle Corn 2015 DavisMoundville Archaeological Park20152017Dent cornZeaOrganic methodJonathon Davis1oz
Chiltepin Pepper 2015 Native Seeds2015ChiltepinCapsicumOriginal SourceNative Seeds120seeds
Mayo Deer Dance Rattle 2015 Native SeedsMoundville Archaeological Park2015Bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria)LagenariaHeirloomNative Seeds29seeds
Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry 2015 MingesMoundville Archaeological Park2015Ground cherryPhysalisOrganic method
Kenric Minges70seeds
Teosinte 2015 ParsonsMoundville Archaeological Park20152017GrassZeaOrganic method
Native Seed Search77seeds
Purple Coneflower 2015 MingesMoundville Archaeological Park2015MedicinalEchinaceaOriginal Source
Kenric Minges4ozTSSB:4oz, SMSB:1tsp
Teosinte Mays Mexicana 2014 HagoodMoundville Archaeological Park20152017CornZeaOrganic method
Hopi Red Dye Amaranth 2015 Native SeedsMoundville Archaeological Park2015Dye AmaranthAmaranthusNative Seeds150seeds
Mayo Tuxpeno Corn 2015 Native Seeds20152017Dent cornZeaOriginal SourceNative Seeds100seeds
Seneca Sunflower 2015 StackhouseMoundville Archaeological Park20152022SunflowerAsteraceaeOrganic methodDove Stackhouse4oz
Creek Tobacco 2016 MingesMoundville Archaeological Park2016TobaccoNicotianaKenric Minges12oz
Blood Root 2016 MingesMoundville Archaeological Park2016PigmentSanguinariaNative
Kenric Minges
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