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Ric with MFSI's Seed Bank. September 2016
MFSI Corn Collection October 2016
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Mvskoke Food Sovereignty Initiative works to enable the Mvskoke (Creek) people and their neighbors to provide for their food and health needs now and in the future through sustainable agriculture, economic development, community involvement, cultural and educational programs.


Mvskoke Food Sovereignty Initiative (MFSI) is a grassroots, Native American led organization located in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, capitol of the Muskogee (Creek) Nation. The Mvskoke people were indigenous to what is now the Southeast United States and are an American Indian federally recognized tribe. Mvskoke food heritage and traditions goes back in time long before the Trail of Tears forced them to Oklahoma. For centuries the Mvskoke maintained a successful agriculture based culture that sustained large populations living in towns along the rivers and creeks (so European settlers called them “Creek Indians”). These were the “mound builders” who developed a sophisticated civilization, taking care of the food, spiritual and political needs of their people.

Today these cultures still exist as the Muskogee, Seminole, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Cherokee and Yuchi tribes. The respective languages are still used by many and the ceremonial dances, songs and practices are still carried on. Growing, preserving and using traditional foods plays an important role in cultural activities. MFSI seeks to preserve the food heritage and traditions of these Indigenous peoples through hands-on classes, educational programs, intergenerational sharing and sustainable agriculture practices.



Previous Exchangers:

    • Suzan Dotey (2015?-2016)
    • Stephanie Berryhill (2008?-2015)
    • Ben Yahola (2006-2013?)

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  • 2019-01-18 CSV Inventory
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Inventory by deadlines

Absentee Shawnee Flint Corn 0000 MFSIFlint cornZeaOriginal Source440seeds
Anasazi Flour Corn 2009 Unknown2009Flour cornZeaOriginal Source350seeds
Arapaho White Corn 1954 USDA1954Flint cornZeaOriginal Source
Black Aztec Corn 2007 MFSI2007Sweet cornZeaOriginal Source1
Black Sweet Corn 0000A MFSISweet cornZeaOriginal Source1oz
Black Sweet Corn 0000B MFSISweet cornZeaOriginal Source1oz
Bloody Butcher Corn 0000 UnknownDent cornZeaOriginal Source3,140seeds
Blue Speckled Pea 2009 Stackhouse2009PeaOriginal Source
Dove StackhouseMFSI Blue Speckled Peas,
Bluee Specold 2008 MFSI2008BeanOriginal Source
1ozMFSI: Blue Speckled Peas, SMSB: MFSI Collection
Cashaw Squash 2011 Franklin2011(Cucurbita moschata)CucurbitaOriginal SourceRobin Franklin600seeds
Cherokee White Eagle Corn 2009 SESE2009Dent cornZea1oz
Chickasaw Red Flour Pencil Cob 0000 MFSIFlour cornZeaOriginal Source
MFSI Chickasaw
Chickasaw Yellow Dent 0000 WellsDent cornZeaOriginal Source
Morgan WellsMFSI Chickasaw
Creek Tobacco 2008 MFSI2008TobaccoNicotianaMvskoke Food Sovereignty Initiative2
Cvse Sakmorke 2013 Kerr2013PumpkinCucurbitaOrganic method
Kerr Center2,360seedsMFSI: 2.5 LB, SMSB Moschatta Native: 90 seeds
Dock 2016 Denney2016Food cropRumexOriginal Source
Floriana Dent Corn 2008 SESE2008Dent cornZeaOriginal Source
Hickory King Dent Corn 2012A MFSI2012Dent cornzeaHeirloom7oz
Hickory King Dent Corn 2012B MFSI2012Dent cornzeaHeirloom
Hopi Blue Corn 0000 MFSIDent cornZeaOriginal Source
Hyacinth Black Bean 1998 Welistar1998HyacinthbeanLablabOriginal SourceSusan Welistar
Lowe Corn 2013 LoweDent cornzeaLowes Family2ozMFSI Safke 1, SMSB Sofki
Narragansett Flint Corn 0000 MFSIFlint cornZeaOriginal Source50seeds
Navajo Flour Corn 2004 MFSI2004Flour cornZeaOriginal Source4oz
Potawatomi Pea 0000A MFSIPeaOriginal Source
MFSI Blue Speckled Peas
Potawatomi Pea 0000B MFSIPeaOriginal Source
MFSI Blue Speckled Peas
Rainbow Glass Gem Flint Corn 0000 Native SeedsPopcornzeaHeirloomNative Seeds
Rainbow Glass Gem Flint Corn 0000 SchoenPopcornzeaHeirloomGreg Schoen
Tarahumara Pepetillo Flour Flint Corn 2008 MFSI2008Flour cornZeaOriginal Source2oz
Tennessee Red-Cob Corn 2011 SESE2010Dent cornZeaOrganic method
Original Source
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange1,450seeds
Tesuque Pueblo White Flour Corn 0000 MFSIFlour cornZea
Texas Gourdseed Corn 2014 MFSICornZeaOriginal Source1Qt
Unknown Purple And White Dent Corn 0000 MFSIDent cornZeaMFSI Unknown
Unknown Purple Flint Corn 2014 MFSI2014Flint cornZeaOriginal Source
Unknown Red Dent Corn 0000 MFSIDent cornZeaMFSI Unknown
Unknown Red Flint Corn 0000 MFSIFlint cornZeaMFSI Unknown
Unknown Red Flour Corn 0000 MFSIFlint cornZeaMFSI Unknown
Unknown Red and White Popcorn 0000 MFSIPopcornZeaMFSI Unknown
Unknown White Dent Corn 0000 MFSIDent cornzeaMFSI Safke 1
Unknown White Dent Pencil Cob 0000 MFSIDent cornzeaMFSI Unknown
Unknown White Flint Corn 0000 MFSIFlint cornzeaOSU?MFSI Safke 1
Unknown White Flint Corn 0000 OSUFlint cornzeaOSUMFSI Safke 1
Unknown White Pea 0000 MFSIPeaOriginal Source
MFSI Blue Speckled Peas
Unknown White with Purple Dent Corn 2012 Berryhill2012Dent cornZeaOrganic method
UnknownMFSI Safke 2, MFSI Safke 3 (infected), SMSB D
Unknown Yellow Dent Corn 0000 MFSIDent cornZeaMFSI Unknown
Wachichu Flint Corn 2009 MFSI2009Flint cornZeaOriginal Source8,000seeds
Wichita Flour Corn 0000 MFSIFlour cornZea

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