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what's in a


Available Domain Name Research

Potential umbrella names

  • savetheseed(dot)net
  • savetheseeds(dot)net
  • Growout South.net
  • Seedsouth.net
  • www.SouthSeed.net
  • SouthernSeedbank.net not taken
  • Sand Mountain Seed Bank Network - Sandmtnseedbank.net
  • Cfa Seed Network - CfaSN / CfaS Network
  • Cfa Bank - CfaB Network
  • Subtropic Seed Network - STSN
  • Southern Seed Saver Network -SSSN
  • Southern Seed Bank Network -SSBN
  • Sand Mtn Seed Network -SMSN
  • Deep South Seed Savers -DeeSoSeeS DSSS
  • Living Seed Exchange
  • LivingSeed.net
  • Deep Cultures
  • Deep South Seed Bank


  • seedwiki.org - ?
  • seedsave.org - seed school
  • seedbank(dot)org - owned but not used
  • seedbank(dot)net - owned
  • seedwiki(dot)net - owned but not used


North America

  • southernexposure.com - Southern Exposure Seed Exchange of Virginia (working coop seed company)
  • seedsavers.org - "Seed Savers" Exchange of Iowa
to preserve the world’s diverse but endangered garden heritage for future generations by building a network of people committed to collecting, conserving, and sharing heirloom seeds and plants, and educating people about the value of genetic and cultural diversity.
  • Native Seed /SEARCH of Arizona
  • Homowo Harvest Collection - Heirloom African/American Seeds in Old Salem Non profit garden shop, North Carolina
  • theSeedBank.net - a personal seed bank in Canada


  • saveourseeds.org
  • grassrootsseednetwork.org - Grassroots Seed Network is a newly formed seed exchange, governed by its membership and funded by membership dues, grants, and donations from individuals and organizations. We are currently national in scope, but intend to expand to include international members.

Not so Simalar

Name Research



  • Saved alive: OKCHAnYA
  • to Save up seed corn: Pechnachi
  • to save: InHOLLO, shileli, atobbi, fiopachi


  • to save more than one living thing: Hesahuecetv (hisa:hoyc-ita)
  • stored seed: nirkv (nirka)
  • seed saved for planting: porwv (porwa)


  • Save: (a-hi-ya-s-di)
  • saved seeds: unikta
ᎤᎩᏔ (ukta: saved seed) and ᎤᏂᎩᏔ (unikta: saved seeds) as it is written here was likely first written in Alabama by Sequoya in the early 1800s.


  • seed: nehi