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Save the Seed Network's current mission as seed savers, farmers, librarians and volunteers is to use this semantic wiki to cooperatively assist each other in the documentation, education, preservation and adaptation of plant varieties subsistent to humanity, particularly those that are native, naturalized or heirlooms of the Southeastern Humid Subtropical climate.

Spearheaded by efforts of the Sand Mountain Seed Bank of Alabama, Save the Seed Network can help farmers and students preserve native, naturalized and adapted crops of humid subtropical North America, including many plants historically from the Southern United States and Southeastern Native American nations but also globally rare or endangered varieties of Cfa Trewartha classified zones; we can then store the seeds at 4°C and select from decadal plant growouts in climate zones 7, 8 and 9, thereby adapting them to local climates and soils.

Through the postal service, this wiki, school gardens, and family farms, libraries and our freezers; we can cooperatively track strains and exchange stories, knowledge and cultivars of both food and utility crops to preserve, spread and reconnect living heritage.