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Save the Seed (Español) is a free online inventory tool created by and for farmers, gardeners, seed banks, and librarians in the North American Humid Subtropics to cooperatively catalog and share seeds and information in the interest of preserving traditional organic farming and our heirloom plants. When we enter our seed bank inventories we can print out seed packet labels, storage labels, track strains of growouts, document trait selection, and record the history behind each variety. The site may also be useful for community seed librarians to make requests to participating seed banks for packets of these seeds. When we acquire the seeds for growing, we may learn about the breeding history, so that we can continue selecting for those traits as well as contribute seeds or documentation back to the seed bank.



Seeds may be made available on a rotating basis, with consideration for local laws, and the limitations of each seed bank. In the spirit of preservation, we request that you grow out, save your seed, and re-share these varieties with friends, family and your local seed bank. Farmers, Gardeners, Seed Exchangers, Librarians, and volunteers are invited to request a user account at the top right of this page. Cooperative involvement through this website can be maintained by:

  • Users maintaining contact on our userpages, via talk pages or another method of their choosing
  • Seed Banks maintaining an accessible inventory on the this website, for our patrons, exchangers, librarians or growers. Using the seed packet labels for non profit donations to Seed Libraries, or Growers.
  • Growers, documenting grow outs of the seeds we receive and donating harvested seeds back to respective seed banks
  • Librarians informing local growers on how to return seeds to their originating seed bank, and providing literature on good seed saving practices.
  • Administrators and Volunteers entering seed bank inventories and updating the templates, forms, and back end as needed. Assisting and delivering starter kits to new seed libraries and community seed banks.


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