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Quarantine System

Quarantine consists of 2 parts

  1. NEW INCOMING - These are new donations that have yet to be processed and sorted into the following quarantines
a. EDUCATIONAL GIVEAWAYS - These are seeds that can be given to seed savers in training.
b. TRIALS - These are seeds that need to be grown out to identify species, variety, or stability (whether true to type) before inventorying.
c. PERSONAL EXPERIMENTS - These are either high stakes trials, or personal breeding projects by individual exchangers/evaluators.
d. TRASH - No longer quarantined, not safe for garden compost
e. ACQUISITIONS - Pre-inventory awaiting to be removed from Quarentine and added to the inventory


  • Variety - If including plant type info try inserting information from "Plant" after variety, in a manner like you would speak it. This means using a "-" or "," instead of a "/". Slashes may confuse script. (NOTE: some of the spreadsheat pages titled (2005) use the Variety box to describe the plant subcategory, in which case the Variety is written in the Description field of the spreadsheet. Also take note that the last Year of Growout for all those entries is 2005.) If it is crossed, with another species include a capital X in between the two varieties. If one of the varieties is unknown follow the known Variety with an X.
  • Year - If the last year is not listed in the "Growout" then the latest year from the "Source" or "Source info" will suffice. also check top of page or last Year listed in Seed Savers Exchange catalog if "SSE" appears.
  • Grower - If the name of the grower is not given then the Source name is likely the grower. An Exchanger Code (ie:NJ-CH-H) or commercial location will suffice.
  • Keep title under 50 characters when possible

To create a page with this form, enter Variety name YEAR Last name of grower in the box below;

If the page already exists in inventory simply edit the page directly by changing the word "Seedbox" to "Quarantine".