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Dove and Charlotte
Donate New Heirloom Seeds
Please include any information you may have concerning the grow out of the seeds and their history. It maybe helpful to contact an exchanger directly.
Growout Log (Seeds Out)
You may check back using the list below to document your growout or quarantines
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  • To preserve local heirloom and endangered seeds
  • To honor those who came before us and saved these varieties, by keeping them alive and viable for future generations.
  • To build a network of skilled gardeners who are dedicated to this mission and will cary it on
  • To increase our inventories of seed and offer them to gardeners & farmers, so these wonderful flavors get back on local tables
  • To educate the public on the role seed saving plays in food security.
  • To reconnect the community to their food heritage thru food events, workshops, talks, and internships
  • To Share the joys of passing this knowledge and seeds on to the next generation.





Fall 2018 Available for Order

Cilantro 2016 Hagood2016HerbCoriandrumOrganic method
Original Source
Charlotte Hagood3.2oz
Frisee Chicory 2011 Hagood2011EndiveCichoriumCommercialCharlotte Hagood2,000seeds128
Komatsu Mustard 2006 Hagood2006Mustard greenBrassicaCommercialCharlotte Hagood11oz
Lavender Larkspur 2003 Rives2003DelphiniumConventionalEssie Rives5oz
Love in a Mist 2013 Hagood2013HerbNigellaOrganic methodCharlotte Hagood22
Mystery Turnip Greens 2015 Stackhouse2015TurnipBrassicaOrganic methodDove Stackhouse8.8oz
Runaway Arugula 2006 Harvest Moon Seeds2006ArugulaErucaCommercial
Original Source
Harvest Moon Seeds1.9oz
Single Mix Larkspur 2005 Corbin2005FlowerDelphiniumConventional
Original Source
Lula Mae Corbin2oz
Spoon-Leaved Cornsalad 2005 Volunteer2005Corn salad - MâcheVallerianellaForaged10.2oz
Thomas Hendrix Turnip 2008 Hagood2008TurnipBrassicaCharlotte Hagood30oz
Tuscan Kale 2013 Hagood2013KaleBrassicaCharlotte Hagood4.5oz108
Virgil T Ainsworth Indian Turnip 2011 Hagood2011TurnipBrassicaCharlotte Hagood16oz
Wild Kale Mix 2012 Hagood2012KaleBrassicaCharlotte Hagood5oz108
Winter Hardy Arugula 2005 Hagood2005ArugulaErucaOrganic methodCharlotte Hagood2.1oz39

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