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Dove and Charlotte
Donate New Heirloom Seeds
Please include any information you may have concerning the grow out of the seeds and their history. It maybe helpful to contact an exchanger directly.
Growout Log (Seeds Out)
You may check back using the list below to document your growout or quarantines
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  • To preserve local heirloom and endangered seeds
  • To honor those who came before us and saved these varieties, by keeping them alive and viable for future generations.
  • To build a network of skilled gardeners who are dedicated to this mission and will cary it on
  • To increase our inventories of seed and offer them to gardeners & farmers, so these wonderful flavors get back on local tables
  • To educate the public on the role seed saving plays in food security.
  • To reconnect the community to their food heritage thru food events, workshops, talks, and internships
  • To Share the joys of passing this knowledge and seeds on to the next generation.


Accessible Inventory

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Featured Collection (Okra)

Alabama Red Okra 2007 SESE2007OkraAbelmoschusOrganic method
Original Source
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange119
Alabama Red Okra 2012 Hydrangea2012OkraAbelmoschusOrganic method
Erica at Wild Hydrangea2oz
Benoist Okra 2001 TN-WO-J2001OkraAbelmoschusTN-WO-J5Tbs
Black Belt Okra 2015 Simmons20152025OkraAbelmoschusHeirloomBill Simmons12oz
Blonde Okra 2007 Hagood2007OkraAbelmoschusDove Stackhouse119
Blonde Okra 2014 Stackhouse2014OkraAbelmoschusDove Stackhouse
Blonde Okra 2017 AL-RO-E2017OkraAbelmoschus3.5oz44
Blonde Okra 2017 Carr2017OkraAbelmoschus3.8oz44
Brown Baileys Okra 2005 Bailey2005OkraAbelmoschusOriginal SourceBrown Bailey1.5oz
Brown Baileys Okra 2007 Hagood2007OkraAbelmoschusCharlotte Hagood1.5oz
Brown Baileys Okra 2007 Wright2007OkraAbelmoschusJosh Wright1oz
Campbells 48 Okra 2001 Hagood2001OkraAbelmoschusCharlotte Hagood1oz
Campbells 48 Okra 2002 Hagood2002OkraAbelmoschusCharlotte Hagood1oz
Cowhorn Okra 1998B Hagood1998OkraAbelmoschusOrganic method
Charlotte Hagood2.5oz119
Cowhorn Okra 2001 TN-WO-J2001OkraAbelmoschusTN-WO-J5oz
Cowhorn Okra 2014 Hagood2014OkraAbelmoschusOrganic method
Charlotte Hagood4oz119
Dad Speagle's Special Okra 2001 AL-MO-IT2001OkraAL-MO-H1Tbs
Dads Speegles Okra 2001 Hagood2001OkraAbelmoschusCharlotte Hagood1.7oz44
Dwarf Green Long Pod Okra 2010 Laney20102020OkraAbelmoschusHeirloomHubert Laney5.5oz
Georgia Cowhorn Okra 1997 GA-IN-C1997OkraAbelmoschusGA-IN-C0.5cups
Georgia Cowhorn Okra 1998 Hagood1998OkraAbelmoschusOrganic method
Charlotte Hagood2oz
King Family Okra 2007 King2007OkraAbelmoschusOrganic method
Ben King5oz
Mattie Remberts Okra 2007 Stackhouse20072017OkraAbelmoschusHeirloomDove Stackhouse20oz137
Old Fashioned Sand Mountain Okra 2010 Brumlik2010OkraAbelmoschusOriginal Source
Anna Lee Brumlik
Old Fashioned Sand Mountain Okra 2011 Hagood2011OkraAbelmoschusHeirloom
Organic method
Charlotte Hagood119
Old Fashioned Sand Mountain Okra 2014 Hagood2014OkraAbelmoschusOriginal Source
Charlotte Hagood119
Old-Fashioned Sand Mountain Okra 2010 Hagood2010OkraAbelmoschusOrganic methodCharlotte Hagood7oz
Pa Paw Laneys Red Okra 2016 Hagood20162026OkraAbelmoschusHeirloomCharlotte Hagood6.2oz44
Pinky Okra 2003 AR-Bo-B2003OkraAbelmoschusOrganic method
Red Pod Okra 2007 Hagood2007OkraAbelmoschusOrganic method
Charlotte Hagood1oz
Star of David Okra 0000 TN-WO-JOkraAbelmoschusOriginal SourceTN-WO-J119
Stubby Okra 2008 MD-LO-T2008OkraAbelmoschusMD-LO-T119
Texas Cowhorn 1998 Suggs1998OkraAbelmoschusOrganic method
Natalie Suggs5oz
Texas Longhorn Okra 2000 Marlin2000OkraAbelmoschusOrganic method
Ruth Martin1oz
Texas Longhorn Okra 2017 Hagood2017OkraAbelmoschusOrganic method
Charlotte Hagood2.6oz44, 2 bags
Uncle Harless Okra 2008 Goodwin2008OkraAbelmoschusOrganic method
Original Source
William V. Goodwin119
Uncle Harless Okra 2017 Stackhouse20172027OkraAbelmoschusStackhouse12.5oz
Walking Stick Okra 2003 Inquiry2003OkraAbelmoschusOrganic method
White Longhorn Okra 2007 Clark2007OkraAbelmoschusOriginal SourceErnest Clark1oz
White Longhorn Okra 2009 Hagood2009OkraAbelmoschusCharlotte Hagood5oz

Total Inventory

Below is the complete Sand Mountain Seed Bank inventory, in order of priority for growout. Requests are at the following page: Category:Growout logs for Sand Mountain Seed Bank

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