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(Accessible Inventory)
(Accessible Inventory)
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  [[Bank::Sand Mountain Seed Bank]]
  [[Bank::Sand Mountain Seed Bank]]
}} of 340 total entries. Check back later for updates.
}} of 390 total entries. Check back later for updates.
*{{#time: Y-m-d }} {{#ask:  
*{{#time: Y-m-d }} {{#ask:  

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Dove and Charlotte


  • To preserve local heirloom and endangered seeds
  • To honor those who came before us and saved these varieties, by keeping them alive and viable for future generations.
  • To build a network of skilled gardeners who are dedicated to this mission and will cary it on
  • To increase our inventories of seed and offer them to gardeners & farmers, so these wonderful flavors get back on local tables
  • To educate the public on the role seed saving plays in food security.
  • To reconnect the community to their food heritage thru food events, workshops, talks, and internships
  • To Share the joys of passing this knowledge and seeds on to the next generation.


Accessible Inventory

Accessing 1363 of 390 total entries. Check back later for updates.

  • 2022-01-29 CSV Inventory
  • Accessable simple CSV Inventory as displayed below

Inventory with deadlines

Green Perilla 1985 Corbin19851995HerbPerillaOrganic method31
Hendersons Lima Bean 1987 Massey19871997Lima - Bush beanPhaseolusCommercial
Original Source
Scarlet Runner bean 1988 SMSB19881998Runner beanPhaseolusCommercialSchumways vendor2.5oz105
Cowpea 1990 Rives19902000CowpeaVignaEssie Rives1cups
Dixie Speckled Butterpea 1990 Rives19902000ButterpeaPhaseolusOriginal SourceEssie Rives51
Uncle Herbs Big Cantelope 2003 Prince20032000MelonCucumisOrganic method
Original Source
Dene Prince25seeds119
Cherokee Cornfield Bean 2000 CA-MU-S20002000Common bean - pole - dryPhaseolusSSE
Oaxacan Jewel Tomato 1992 SMSB19922002Pink tomatoSolanumOriginal SourceUnknown25seeds124
Essies Compost Cantelope 1998 Hagood19982003MelonCucumisOrganic methodCharlotte Hagood100seeds119
Willow Leaf Lima Bean 1994 Stone19942004Lima - pole beanPhaseolusCharlie Stone10.3oz
Red Pole Butterpea 1994 Eichelberger19942004Lima - pole beanPhaseolusCarol eichelberger40seeds104
White Butterpea 1994 Stone19942004Lima - pole beanPhaseolusCharlie Stone4oz
CSA White Pole Butterpea 1995 Eichelberger19952005Lima - pole beanPhaseolus4.4oz41 Frozen, 52 Cooler
Wash Day Cow Pea 1995 Hagood19952005CowpeaVignaOrganic method
Charlotte Hagood
Purple Speckled Pole Butterpea 1995 Eichelberger19952005Lima - pole beanCarol eichelberger10seeds
Black Cowpea X 1995 Bentley19952005CowpeavignaOriginal Source
Naomi Bonner Bentley2.3oz
George's Mystery Bean 1996 George19962006BeanMucunaGeorge4seeds105
Gopher Plant 1996 Hagood19962006FlowerEuphorbiaOrganic methodCharlotte Hagood28seeds55
Jackson Wonder bush lima 1996 Cates19962006Lima - Bush beanPhaseolusOrganic method
Josie Cates3.5oz51
Judion de La Granja 1996 Martinez19962006Runner beanPhaseolusJuanita Martinez1oz105
Vietnam Bean 1996 Martinez19962006BeanMucunaJuanita Martinez10ozB, 105
Dwarf Blue Sweet Corn 1996 1997 Hagood19962006Sweet cornzeaCharlotte Hagood
Promiscuous Pumpkin 1996 Posey19962006PumpkinCucurbitaOriginal SourceHarriet Posey2.5oz
Black Velvet Bean 1997 Martinez19972007BeanMucunaJuanita Martinez60seeds2
Irish Lace Marigold 1997 Hudson19972007MarigoldTagetesJ.L. Hudson57
Black Valentine Bean 1997 Hagood19972007Common bean - bush - snapPhaseolusSSECharlotte Hagood1.5oz103
Apache Red Sorghum Corn 1997 AR-BO-B19972007SorghumSorghumHeirloomAR - BO - B25oz106
Hastings Dixie Butterpea 1997 Thuma19972007Lima - Bush beanPhaseolusOriginal Source
Potiron Rouge Vif dEtampes - Cinderella Pumpkin 1998 PA-WE-W19982008(Cucurbita maxima)CucurbitaOriginal Source
Tarahumara Tecomari Runner bean 1998 WA-DO-D19982008Runner beanPhaseolusWA-DO-D2oz105
Cow Pumpkin 1998 Fort Payne AL19982008PumpkinCucurbitaOriginal Source2oz112
Giant Halloween Pumpkin 1998 SMSB19982008(Cucurbita maxima)CucurbitaOriginal Source14seeds114
Miss Marthas Snap Bean 1998 AL-MA-C19982008Common bean - pole - snapPhaseolusOriginal Source
Italian Gigante Parsley 1998 Shepards Seeds19982008ParselyPetroselinumCommercialShepard's Seed Company200seeds
Big Mama Bean 1998 CA-WE-M19982008Common bean - pole - snapPhaseolusCA-WE-M2oz100
Tan Cheese Pumpkin 1999 SESE19992009(Cucurbita moschata)cucurbitaOriginal Source22seeds22
Washday Pea 1999 Hagood19992009CowpeaVignaCharlotte Hagood5oz90
Old Fashioned Cornfield Bean 2001 Hagood20012009Common bean - pole - snapPhaseolusOriginal Source
Charlotte Hagood1oz30
White Half-Runner 1999 Plumley19992009Runner beanPhaseolusSSE
Original Source
Virginia Plumley225seeds4
Sadies Horse Bean 1999 Hagood19992009Runner beanPhaseolusCharlotte Hagood13seeds105
Cinderella Pumpkin 1999 Hagood19992009(Cucurbita maxima)cucurbitaHeirloom
Charlotte Hagood3oz114
Big Boy Cowpea 1999 Hagood19992009CowpeavignaCharlotte Hagood20oz27
Limmoney Tomato 1999 Grandview Farms19992009Yellow tomatoSolanumOriginal SourceGrandview Farms100seeds107 Limmoney
Tan Cheese Pumpkin 1999 Hagood19992009(Cucurbita moschata)cucurbitaOrganic methodCharlotte Hagood1.5oz22
Old Fashioned Cornfield Bean 1999 WV-PL-V19992009Common bean - pole - snapPhaseolusSSE
Original Source
Virginia Plumley30
Cow Pumpkin 1999 Fort Payne19992009PumpkinCucurbitaOriginal Source2oz?
Black Cowpea 1999 Hagood19992009CowpeavignaHeirloomCharlotte Hagood14.2oz90(6.5oz?), 19 (7.7oz)
Alabama Contender Bean 2001 Hagood20012010Common bean - bush - snapPhaseolusCharlotte Hagood5oz103
Dutch White Half-Runner Bean 2000 SC-CH-C20002010Common bean - pole - snapPhaseolusSSE
Original Source
Evergreen Tomato 2000 Spencer20002010Green TomatoSolanumOriginal SourceJenny Spencer16seeds107 Green
… further results

Total Inventory

Below is the complete Sand Mountain Seed Bank inventory, in order of priority for growout. Requests are at the following page: Category:Growout logs for Sand Mountain Seed Bank

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